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No power – Wii

There are a number of different reasons your Wii might not be working properly, so use this checklist to find out what might be causing your problem.

Check your accessories

Unlicensed products are often badly manufactured and could cause permanent damage your system. We strongly recommend that you do not use them, as they may be the cause of your problem.

Check all your accessories and remove any that are damaged – e.g. frayed wiring and cracked housing – before resetting your AC Adapter.

Resetting your AC Adapter

Unplug and remove any accessories: games, controllers, memory cards, SD cards, connection cables, the AC Adapter and the Sensor Bar from your Wii. Then let the system rest for about a minute. While you wait, complete the steps below.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove any excess dust

  • Test your power outlets by plugging in a different electrical device such as a lamp or phone charger (make sure that the socket is turned on if operated by a switch)

  • Firmly plug your AC Adapter into the Wii and plug socket, then switch your console on, checking the power light to see if the system is receiving power.

If the power light comes back on, turn off your console, plug the Sensor Bar in and turn the console back on again. If the console starts successfully, repeat this process one accessory at a time, as it may be that there’s only something wrong with

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