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I’m having problems with my Wii MotionPlus…

Before doing anything else, check that the game you’re playing is compatible with Wii MotionPlus.

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On software packaging, this logo will appear to signify Wii MotionPlus compatibility.

In the Wii Shop Channel, this denotes games that are compatible with Wii MotionPlus.

If one of these logos isn’t present, this will explain why your Wii MotionPlus is not working.

My Wii Remote doesn’t work with my Wii MotionPlus attached…

Ensure your Wii MotionPlus is correctly inserted, and that the LOCK switch has been slid in the direction of the arrow.

You should also check for common Wii Remote problems – such as battery level, whether your Wii Remote has been synced, etc. – that may affect the performance of your Wii Remote.

If there is still no response, disconnect and reinsert the connector plug of your Wii MotionPlus several times, check that it is properly inserted and try again.

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