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Wii U – Image Quality

Things to consider

1080p resolution is only available if you have connected your Wii U to your TV via an HDMI or Wii Component Video cable.

Please ensure that your TV supports 1080p resolution, and that it is set to do so by checking your manufacturer’s manual.

Ensure that your Wii U is plugged directly into your TV, and that you are not using any splitters, extenders or other devices.

Only use licensed products with your Wii U.


If your TV should support 1080p resolution but isn’t displaying it, follow the steps below:

  • Switch off your Wii U and TV at the mains
  • Remove the HDMI or Wii Component Video cable from both your Wii U and TV
  • Check the cables for any visible damage – damaged cables should be replaced with licensed products
  • For testing purposes, make sure you’re using the HDMI cable that came with your Wii U console (model number: WUP-008)
  • If you’re using a Wii Component Video cable, ensure it’s a licensed product (model number: RVL-011)
  • Switch on your Wii U and TV
  • Test the resolution with software that supports 1080p
  • If this doesn’t work, try another port on your TV, or use a different cable
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