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I’m having problems with my cursor…

Is the problem with my Wii Remote or my Sensor Bar?

It could be either, so you’ll need to check both for any issues.

Before you start, make sure that your Wii Remote’s pointer lens isn’t dirty or blocked by anything (stickers, etc.) and that the batteries are fully charged.

Your Sensor Bar should be clean and unobstructed, and the cord should be free of kinks or frayed wires.

Your problem may be caused by bright lights, which could be behind or near your TV, shining towards your Wii Remote or reflecting off your TV screen. Avoid having sources of infrared light such as electric, propane or kerosene heaters, flames from fireplaces or candles or stoves and other sources of heat in your playing area.

If there are lights that could be affecting your gameplay in the room, turn them off to see if that fixes the problem.

Is it my Wii Remote?

Check the directional sensor functionality of your Wii Remote by turning it upside down when at the Main Menu. If the cursor doesn’t point downwards this indicates a problem with the motion sensor in your Wii Remote.

If you’re experiencing this problem, or if your cursor moves when your Wii Remote is in a neutral position (resting on a flat surface) then you’ll need to send us your Wii Remote(s) for further inspection.

Is it my Sensor Bar?

There could be a problem with your Sensor Bar’s sensitivity level. This determines how far away from the screen you can be when playing your Wii, and if you move out of range you can experience loss of signal. You should play between one and three metres away from your Wii for the best results.

The higher the level of sensitivity, the more likely your Sensor Bar is to react to light and infrared heat sources, so make sure there’s nothing that could affect your gameplay in the surrounding area.

How do I set the sensitivity level?

Access the Wii Menu, then click the blue arrow to reach the Wii System Settings menu option. Once there, you’ll be able to choose whether you’d like to adjust the Sensor Bar’s position or sensitivity level.

There should be two flashing dots on your screen when you select the Sensitivity option. If there are more than two dots, an additional light or infrared heat source is being picked up by your Sensor Bar. Make sure than anything that might interfere with your Sensor Bar is turned off and try again.

Two dots appear, but the problem still happens…

It’s likely that there’s a problem with your Wii Remote, and you’ll need to send it for further inspection.

Only one dot appears. What should I do?

Check that the Sensor Bar is not being blocked by anything, no lights are shining directly at it, and that it isn’t on a reflective surface – as any of these factors may cause interferences with the signal from the Wii Remote to the Sensor Bar.

If you’ve addressed the possible issues outlined above, it seems that only one side of your Sensor Bar is working, and it will need to be inspected further.

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