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How to perform a connection test on your Wii U

Performing a connection test

To start your connect test, select System Settings from the Wii U Menu. Then select the Internet option, and press the A button.

Next, press the X button, or tap Connections in the top-right corner. You’ll then need to select your connection from the list, and press Connection Test. When this is complete, press OK.

You’ll be asked if you would like to make this your default connection. Press Set if you would like to do so. If you would not like to make this your default connection, press No.

Finally, your Wii U will ask if you would like to perform an update. Select Update if you would like to do so, or select Cancel to skip the process. We recommend that you perform a system update, as it will give you access to the latest Wii U applications and services.

Failed connection tests

If your connection test fails, or you receive an error code at any time during your connection test, please contact the Nintendo Customer Support Team.

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