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How to Download Games and Extra Content for your Nintendo Wii U Console.

How Do I Download a Game from Nintendo eShop on my Nintendo Wii U?

You can access Nintendo eShop from your Wii U by clicking on the small orange shopping bag on the Wii U GamePad. From here, Nintendo eShop will load on your TV screen.

  • Once you have found content by searching or browsing on the eShop, select the item you wish to download to view more information and select "Download" or "Purchase."

  • If the selected content has a rating, it will be displayed on the screen. Select "Next" to continue.

  • From here, you will need to enter either your eShop card or credit/debit card details.

  • You will then need to confirm your details.

  • The download will begin automatically. Select "Continue" to return to Nintendo eShop Menu.

How Do I Search for the Games I Like in the eShop?

Important Information!

Search categories available depend on whether you are searching for software or videos.
You can search by keyword or by category.
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By Keyword:

  • On the HOME menu, select Nintendo eShop icon.

  • Select the "Keyword Search" box in the top-right corner of the screen.

  • Enter a keyword to search, and then select "OK" to search for content that matches your keyword

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By Category:

  • On the HOME menu, select Nintendo eShop icon.

  • Select "Search" in the bottom-left corner or press the (–) button.

  • Select criteria to search by.

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What do you want to search for?

  • Software

  • Videos

  • Software and Videos

-- -- -- --
Keyword Search: Search by keyword.

  • Platform: Search by the system, such as Nintendo 3DS or Wii U.

  • Genre: Search by the type of content, such as Action, Puzzle, or Video.

  • Publisher: Search by the name of the publisher.

  • Price: Search by the price.

  • Select "Search with These Filters."

How Do I Use a Pre-Paid eShop card?

  • From the Wii U HOME Menu, select Nintendo eShop icon.

  • Select "Balance" or press the + button.

  • Select "Redeem a Nintendo Prepaid Card."

  • Enter the activation code from the back of the prepaid card, then select "OK" to complete the transaction.

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