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Data Transfer Between USB Devices – Wii U

Before you start

Please make sure that your Wii U Console is switched off before inserting any USB devices. You will need to have configured your USB devices for use with a Wii U Console before you are able to transfer data between them.

Transferring data

  • Connect the device with the information you wish to transfer to your Wii U, then turn it on.

  • Next, select the data you wish to copy to your system. If there is not enough room on your Wii U Console, you will not be able to complete the process until you free up enough space.

  • Once the data has been transferred to your Wii U Console, turn off the console and unplug your USB device.

  • Connect the formatted USB device you would like to transfer data to, then turn on your Wii U Console.

  • All you need to do now is select the data you wish to transfer, then copy it to the USB.
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