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I’m having problems with the Wii Shop Channel…

I can’t connect to the Wii Shop Channel – what should I do?

You’ll need to have access to the internet to use to the Wii Shop Channel, so make sure your internet is working correctly.

Make sure you have followed the connection instructions in the Wii console’s manual.

I’m missing a game I’ve previously downloaded…

Games that you’ve downloaded to your Wii console can always be downloaded again, as long you’re using the same Wii console as before.

Simply go to the Wii Shop Channel, select ‘Start Shopping’ and find the game you need. Then click ‘Download’.

I’m receiving a message that says I’m blocked from purchasing Wii Points…

You’ll need to email us with details of your problem, as well as your contact details.

Contact Nintendo Customer Support here.

I can’t use my Wii Points Card to redeem a purchase…

If you’re putting the number on the back of the card into the proper field correctly and it won’t accept the payment, contact Nintendo Customer Support here.

I’m experiencing long download times…

If this is happening, we recommend that you change the setting on your wireless router to either channel 1 or 11.

I’m getting an error message when I enter the Wii Shop Channel. What should I do?

The following error codes are connection errors that will require your Wii console to be inspected, even though your console will play normally:

  • 110210
  • 110211
  • 110212
  • 110213
  • 205926
  • 205927
  • 205928

If you get any of these error messages, you’ll need to book your Wii in for inspection.

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