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How do I set up my Wii?

Placing your Wii

  1. Before starting, make sure you have enough room to play. Your Wii Remote should ideally be between 1 and 3 metres away from the Sensor Bar when playing your Wii.

  2. Place your Wii in a horizontal position, or if you have a Stand and Stand Plate, a vertical position if you prefer. Consoles produced from November 2011 onwards will not include the Stand and Stand Plate.

Connecting your Wii

  1. Insert the DC Plug from the AC Adapter into the DC connection at the back of your Wii.

  2. Connect the AC Adapter to the wall, ensuring that the mains socket is switched off.

  3. Place the AV Plug into the AV connection in the back of your Wii, and connect the red, yellow and white audio and video outputs to the corresponding sockets on your TV. If your TV doesn’t have these sockets, connect the wires to the SCART adaptor and plug it into your TV.

  4. Connect the Sensor Bar, and mount it either above or below your TV by using the protective foam pads and adhesive-backed foam tape. The centre of the Sensor Bar should line up with the centre of your TV.

  5. Please note, if you are mounting the Sensor Bar below the TV, place it on the same surface as the TV.

  6. Switch on the power at the mains.

  7. You will then need to connect your Wii Remote.
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