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The charge doesn’t last very long…

In order to find out what the problem is, it’s important to find out if this issue has developed over time, or whether it has happened quickly.

The charge has gone down gradually over time. What can I do?

Your Nintendo DS system’s battery life will start to decrease after about 500 full charges. If you play and charge your Nintendo DS a lot, it may be that your battery is losing power.

If this is the case you may need to buy a new battery for your system, and these are only available direct from Nintendo. Contact Nintendo Customer Support on +44 (0)345 605 0247 for more information.

The charge has gone down quickly over a short period of time. What should I do?

This often happens if you’ve spilt something on your Nintendo DS. If this has happened, follow the advice from I spilt liquid onto my system...

If you haven’t spilt anything on your system, this can also happen when a replacement battery is put in the system.

The problem happened before with an old battery. What can I do?

You should check that you’re using a Nintendo licensed battery. Licensed Nintendo DSi batteries will display the Nintendo logo and the model number TWL-003. Nintendo DSi XL batteries should carry the model number UTL-003 and the Nintendo logo.

I haven’t replaced my battery. What can I do?

If the problem persists you’ll need to send us your Nintendo DS, as it’s likely it will need to be fixed.

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