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Faulty Touch Screen – Nintendo 2DS

Have you got a protective screen on your Nintendo 2DS?

If so, try removing it to make sure it’s not causing the problems. If that doesn’t work, try recalibrating your Touch Screen.

How do I recalibrate my Touch Screen?

Select SYSTEM SETTINGS from the HOME menu, then choose OTHER SETTINGS followed by TOUCH SCREEN. Alternatively, you can switch off your Nintendo DS, then switch it back on while holding down the L, R and X buttons.

Both of the options above will take you to the screen recalibration option. You’ll need to use the stylus to tap the calibration spots exactly where they are (top left corner, bottom right corner, middle) when asked.

If you’ve done that properly, you’ll be asked to touch four more calibration spots, which will be in the corners of your Touch Screen. When you’ve done this a ‘calibration complete’ message will be displayed.

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