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There’s no sound coming from my speakers...

Are your headphones connected?

If headphones are plugged in to your Nintendo 3DS, no sound will be played through the speakers. Please remove the headphones.

Is the volume turned up?

Please check the volume level, you can find the volume dial on the left hand side of your Nintendo 3DS.

If the volume level is turned up on your Nintendo 3DS and there is still no sound, please check the Option Menu in the game to see whether there is a setting to adjust the sound. If there is, try adjusting the sound from here.

If there isn’t, or that hasn’t solved the issue, please try another Game Card in your Nintendo 3DS, if possible.

It’s only a problem with one game, what should I do

If you tested another Game Card in your Nintendo 3DS and it works perfectly, the game may be faulty.

I don’t have another game to test the sound, what can I do?

Unfortunately, we’re not sure whether the problem is with your Nintendo 3DS or the Game Card.

It’s a problem with more than one game, what should I do?

It appears that your Nintendo 3DS may be faulty and need to be repaired.

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