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My screen is damaged...

My screen is cracked or has colour spots on it

If either screen on your Nintendo 2DS system is cracked or there are colour spots on the screen – even when it’s switched off – it may be damaged and need repairing.

This problem is usually noticeable when the system is being used. This happens when the system has been dropped, crushed or exposed to extremes of temperature.

We’ll be happy to repair your Nintendo 2DS, but unfortunately this kind of damage isn’t covered by your warranty so you’ll be liable for the cost of the repairs. Details of these costs can be found on our guideline prices for out-of-warranty repairspage.

If you would like more information on Nintendo 2DS repair and warranty, follow the link.

Only one of my screens is showing an image

If only one of the screens is showing an image, we would not recommend attempting to fix the issue yourself. You can book your Nintendo 2DS in for inspection by the Nintendo Customer Support Team.

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