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My Nintendo 2DS isn’t recognising AR Cards…

Are you holding the AR Cards at the correct distance?

AR Cards cannot be recognised if you hold them too close or too far away. For best results, hold them at a distance of around 35cm.

Is the whole AR Card visible on the screen?
If part of your AR Card is not on screen, it may not be recognised.

Are you using the AR Card in a well-lit area?
If lighting is too low, or the AR Card is being used in direct sunlight, your Nintendo 2DS may have trouble recognising your AR Card. For optimum use, please use your AR Cards in an appropriately lit area.

Are the outer cameras on your Nintendo 2DS dirty?
If the outer cameras are dirty, wipe them gently with a soft, dry cloth before trying again.

Are the AR Cards bent, folded or damaged?
If the AR Cards are bent, folded or damaged, they may not be recognised by your Nintendo 2DS.

You can download replacement AR Cards here.

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