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How to View/Redownload Previously Downloaded Titles

How can I re-download a previous eShop title?

To re-download eShop titles to your 2DS console or view your full list of games and other purchases follow these simple steps:

  1. From the 2DS HOME Menu, select the eShop icon (the small orange shopping bag) and tap “Open.”
  2. Tap “Menu” in the top left of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and select “Settings/Other.”
  4. Then, scroll down to the section marked “History.”
  5. Select “Titles You’ve Downloaded.”

From here, you are able to view all titles that you have downloaded to your Nintendo 2DS console. You can re-download any title from this list by simply tapping “Redownload.”

Please note: If you cannot find the title you are looking for, you may have more than one page of downloads. At the bottom of the “Titles You’ve Downloaded” page, please tap on “next” if available.

You can re-download any title from here as many times as you like free of charge. So, if you are running low on memory you can delete a game and re-download this at a later date.

My eShop downloads have disappeared from the HOME menu.

If an eShop download is no longer on your HOME menu please ensure that the SD card this title was downloaded on is inserted into the console. If this SD card is in the console, please refer to “How to View/Redownload Previously Downloaded Titles.”

My SD card is full and I can’t download any more titles.

Any titles you have previously purchased can be deleted and downloaded at any time free of charge. This will allow you to free space for a more recent purchase. Please refer to How to View/Redownload Previously Downloaded Titles

Alternatively, you can use multiple SD cards or use a larger SD card. Please refer to What SD Cards can I use on my Nintendo 2Ds console? for SD card specifications.

My console has been formatted, have I lost my downloads?

Formatting the console alone will not delete Nintendo eShop account, this means you will still be able to redownload the titles free of charge, See “How to View/Redownload Previously Downloaded Titles”

Please Note. When deleting downloads be sure to use the new backup function to keep your save data safe on selected eShop titles, this way you can continue where you left off after downloading your game again.

If the eShop account has been deleted then you will not be able to redownload the titles free of charge, you can only delete the eShop account from inside the eShop itself.

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