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How do I use StreetPass on my Nintendo 2DS?

What is StreetPass?

StreetPass is a service that allows you to wirelessly transfer data with other users, even when your console is in Sleep Mode. It comes pre-installed on your Nintendo 2DS, and also features two fun games – StreetPass Quest and StreetPass Puzzle Swap.

How does it work?

StreetPass swaps data when other Nintendo 2DS users are in range of your console. It wirelessly exchanges information about your Mii characters and games you have played recently, even if the Game Card is not inserted. All you need to do is shut your console while it is still switched one.

When you have interacted with another Nintendo 2DS user a green light will flash at the top right corner of your console.

Can I switch it off?

You can restrict how you use StreetPass, or switch it off completely, by going to the HOME menu, then selecting ‘System Settings’ followed by ‘Data Management’. You’ll then need to select ‘StreetPass Management’, where you can customise your settings.

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