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Credit Debit Card Information on Nintendo eShop

Is My Credit/Debit Card Information Saved to Nintendo eShop?

When using a Debit or Credit Card on Nintendo eShop for the first time you are given the option to save this information. If you choose to save the information to the system you are required to input a PIN code to safeguard and use the information. 

I Have Credit Card Information Saved To My Console, How Do I View or Delete It?

You can view your Credit or Debit Card information in Nintendo eShop by following the steps below.

  • From the HOME Menu, select Nintendo eShop Icon and tap “Open.”
  • Tap on “Menu” in the Top Left of the bottom screen.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Settings/Other.”
  • Scroll down and select “View Credit Card Information”
  • The Saved Credit Card Information will be displayed on the top screen.
  • Only the last four digits of the Credit/Debit Card will be shown along with the expiration date

You will be given the option here to delete your Credit/Debit card information, once this has been deleted you will have to purchase something in order to save another card.

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